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  • What is CHESSeCLOCK?

    CHESSeCLOCK is a chess clock software which can be used on PCs and Laptops where the mouse left/right buttons function as time switch buttons. In addition to it's basic chess clock functionality, CHESSeCLOCK makes possible to write your games without using paper and pen. By using MOVePAD you will be able to adjourn or archive your games, as well as loading them to your chess play software for after game analysis.

    Many chess player would probably tried to use it's chess software as a chess clock. But as you may also experienced, especially in blitz game, this is not a solution, because there is no enough time for players to make moves on software board (which is a must to switch time). On the other hand, in heavy parties you should be very close to computer to see the clocks which is not designed for distant view.

    So, we created CHESSeCLOCK to use on our personal computers and played many games with it's earlier versions among friends. But, especially after laptop computers begun to be used widely and wireless mouse and keyboards become almost standard equipments, we thought to improve CHESSeCLOCK to make possible for all chess players carry their chess clock without physically carrying it, bundled to their laptop computer.

    Real chess clock prices were another supportive criteria for us. Nowadays cheapest real chess clock price is around 25-30 US$, almost 3 times higher than CHESSeCLOCK and for a chess clock with similar timer functionalities with CHESSeCLOCK, prices increase to around 100 US$ (and without the ability of writing, archiving games).

    After the earlier versions of CHESSeCLOCK which is not a commercial product used in our friend circle, requests for installation increased rapidly. Then of course support and reinstallation neccessities followed. So we understood that CHESSeCLOCK is really a functional utility to be professional software for chess players and we decided to deal seriously with it's distribution.

    Although it's design basics didn't changed much since the beginning, we made many improvements and added many specifications. So how the MOVePAD borned and now it is possible to save/load and archive games as well as analysis them on other chess softwares which accept PGN file format.

    CHESSeCLOCK makes possible to play chess with almost all known and much preferred timer choises without having a real chess clock.

    We hope you will enjoy with CHESSeCLOCK.

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  • Should I register to CHESSeCLOCK?

    CHESSeCLOCK is not a free software and evaluation version expires after 5 logins. To be able to continue the usage please buy CHESSeCLOCK using secure PAYPAL system.

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  • Is there a User Guide for CHESSeCLOCK?

    Yes, CHESSeCLOCK has a detailled user guide which is be reachable from Login window's HELP button or CHESSeCLOCK's Help > Content menu.

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  • How can I get further help?

    Please send us an email to with the description of your problem. We will answer your questions as soon as possible with probable solution advises.

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  • Where can I find the latest version?

    You may find the latest version of CHESSeCLOCK from this website's Download page, as well as download sites such as TUCOWS, DOWNLOAD.COM

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  • What is CHESSeCLOCK pricing policy?

    CHESSeCLOCK Pricing
    • 1 computer: 7,50 / ~ US $9.95
    Solution Graphics
    • 2 computers: 12,50 / ~ US $16.95
    • 3 computers: 18,50 / ~ US $24.95

    To learn about PayPal online payment system,
    please click to the icon.

    US$ prices in the list were calculated according to US$/ parity dated May 2007 and will be recalculated by PAYPAL, according to valid US$/ conversion rate as of purchase date.

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  • What is your upgrade policy?

    Once you registered to CHESSeCLOCK you will receive all future new versions free of charge including minor updates and patches.

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  • How does it work Volume Licensing?

    Volume License registration is also based per machine. So, for each computer you bought a Registered License, a seperate License Unlock Key will be produced. For more information about Volume Licensing, please contact to

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  • Is there anything should I know about installation?

    Please install CHESSeCLOCK only once to your computer. Additional installations will cause software not launch.

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  • How will I install CHESSeCLOCK?

    Unzip Setup Package named (xyz will replace with version numbers) to your harddisk. Double click on setup.exe file and launch Setup Wizard. Follow instructions until setup procedure is completed.

    Please install CHESSeCLOCK only once to your PC or laptop. To become a Registered User of CHESSeCLOCK after evaluation period expires, there is no need to unistall and reinstall CHESSeCLOCK, because registration will be made with a License Unlock Key and there isn't any other installation package.

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  • How can I register to CHESSeCLOCK?


    To become a registered user and get unlimited access right to CHESSeCLOCK, please purchase CHESSeCLOCK by using PAYPAL secure payment system which can be reached within Purchase page of this website.

    • When you click on one of the PAYPAL Buy Now icons, according to the License amount you decided to buy, you will be forwarded to PAYPAL website over a secure connection (SSL).
    • If you already have a PAYPAL account, just enter your Email and Password and complete your purchase. Otherwise, enter neccessary information manually and checkout.
    • After you successfully complete your payment, you will automatically be redirected to CHESSeCLOCK's Purchase Confirmation page where you will find your CHESSeCLOCK Purchase Code. Termination of this redirection may take up to 20-30 seconds. Please don't close PAYPAL page until you get CHESSeCLOCK's Purchase Confirmation page.


    Visit Register page of this website and complete your License Registration.

    • Enter your Email Address which is used during your purchase on PayPal.
    • Enter your CHESSeCLOCK Purchase Code which you got just after your purchase on PAYPAL by redirection to CHESSeCLOCK's Purchase Confirmation page. After your PAYPAL purchase completed, if you could not arrive to CHESSeCLOCK website to get your CHESSeCLOCK Purchase Code, please check your email inbox (or your spam folder). An automatic email, subjected CHESSeCLOCK Purchase Code sent to you by
    • Enter your License Lock Key which can be found on Login window of CHESSeCLOCK.
    • Click to PRODUCE UNLOCK KEY button. You will be redirected to a new page where you will find your License Unlock Key.
    • Launch CHESSeCLOCK and enter your License Unlock Key to License Unlock Key textbox on Login window.
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  • How can I get further help?

    Please send us an e-mail to with the description of your problem. We will answer your questions as soon as possible with probable solution advises.

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