Register to CHESSeCLOCK

You have 2 OPTIONS to get your UNLOCK KEY:


  • EMAIL REGISTRATION: Depends on your email sent to including:

    a) License Lock Code which can be found on Login window of CHESSeCLOCK.
    b) Purchase Code which you got from PAYPAL purchase confirmation page (An automatic email subjected CHESSeCLOCK Purchase Code was also sent to you).

    We will reply your request as soon as possible within 24 hours. So, you will complete your registration by entering your License Unlock Code on login window.


SELF REGISTRATION: Instant registration is also possible once your PAYPAL purchase was completed. To get your License Unlock Key please follow the steps below:

1) Enter your Email Address which is used during your purchase on PayPal.

Your Email address:

    ATTENTION: Please be sure that your email address provided here and which is used during your PAYPAL purchase are same.

2) Enter your CHESSeCLOCK Purchase Code which you got just after your purchase on PAYPAL by redirection to CHESSeCLOCK's Purchase Confirmation page.

Your CHESSeCLOCK Purchase Code:

    You may also check your email inbox (or your spam folder) for an email subjected "CHESSeCLOCK Purchase Code" coming from

3) Enter your License Lock Key.

Your License Lock Code:

    License Lock Key can be found on Login window of CHESSeCLOCK.

4) Please click to the button below to get your License Unlock Key.

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